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Shubhranshu Choudhary


Date of Birth : 15/2/1969





312, Patrakar Parisar

Vasundhara Sector Ė5

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

India -201012

E mail :

Phone : 0091 98110 66749


Currently Working As :


1.      Freelance TV and Radio Producer/fixer for BBC and Sky News

2.      Reporting for BBC Radio, Deustche Welle & Voice of America in English, Hindi & Bangla

3.      Writing for BBC Online and Various Newspapers in India

4.      Trainer for BBC Journalism course for Mid Career Journalists in India

5.      Teaching in various Media Colleges in India as guest faculty

6.      South Asia Representative for Reporters san Frontiers

7.      Moderator of e-discussion group on development issues of a majority tribal Indian state called Chhattisgarh ( )




Firsts to the credit in News reporting :



       First  TV pictures of foreign militants in operation in Indian Kashmir


       First TV interview with Chief Commander of Kashmiri militant organisation Hizbul Mujahideen


       First TV pictures of landlord army in North Indian state of Bihar


       First TV pictures of militant camps in Bhutan of North eastern Indian rebels


       First TV pictures of Naga military in operation in North- East India Burma border


First TV pictures of Indian Maoists (Naxalites) for a foreign TV channel





Work Experience -summary:


Eight years as bimedia  producer ( TV and radio)  with the BBC South Asia Bureau based at Delhi.


      Managing coverage of major news events in the region eg elections, natural disasters, etc

      Producing major BBC documentaries from the region

      one year of Television reporting for BBC Hindi, Home TV Broadcasts

      Periodic features and news reporting for BBC Hindi, Urdu and Bengali radio programmes.


Two years with The Guardian, South Asia Bureau, New Delhi

Five years with a Hindi language Daily Deshbandhu in Central Indian state of Chhattisgarh

One year of grassroots activism with Save the Narmada Movement






Educational qualifications & courses

 ††† Train the Trainer Course, BBC 2004

       Radio Editing course, BBC 2002

      Nuclear Chemical and Biological warfare journalism course, 2000

      A course on radio documentary making in Radio Netherlands, 2000

      English Writing Skill course from British Council , 1998

      Hostile environment and Battlefield first aid course conducted by BBC ,1997

      University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism- Chevening Fellowship of British Council, 1996

      TV documentary course ,BBC ,1996

      DV camera course in  BBC, 1996

      Radio Journalism course BBC, 1995

      Bachelor Of Science, Guru Ghasi Das University, Bilaspur,  Chhattisgarh, 1988

      Higher Secondary School Certificate , MadhyaPradesh Board of Secondary Education,1984





Details of work experience, responsibilities and achievements


Job Title: South Asia Producer with BBC South Asia Bureau

from September1996 to June 2003.




      Identifying story ideas for television and radio

      Strategizing operations within the region

      selling to  London Desk for funds

      field production

      ensuring timely execution through tailored teams within agreed budgets

      planning and executing special news events

      editing radio stories


Main Achievements


      maintaining the right balance between creative and reactive news stories from the region

      successful coverage of special events eg

      State and National elections in India

      elections in other south Asian countries,

      Indo Pak summits,

      natural disasters

      Year ending special programmes

      inclusion of development related features from the region. A film produced by me for BBC World TV was shown in a Film Festival in Delhi.

      Successful  innovative implementation of special LIVE programmes involving

      securing permissions from the authorities,

      estimating costs

      co-ordination between delivery and commissioning teams.

(The idea of hooking the camera to the feed machine at the feed point, without bringing in BBC flyaways  was an experiment that worked successfully in Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Nepal, Kashmir and Ahmedabad . For BBC they were first live news programming from these areas and resulted in huge cost saving in LIVE programmes.)

      Managing the shift to the integrated approach between domestic and World Service successfully to cater to domestic and international audience needs simultaneously, for better economics as a team.



Job Title: Researcher cum Production Assistant  with BBC South Asia Bureau

From Feb 1995- August 1996



Identifying story ideas and helping in  implementation


Main Achievements

      Selection of ideas which resulted in several award winning documentaries.


      Proactive role played by me encouraged management to abolish the post of London Appointed producer and hand over charge to me




Job Title: Reporter for The Guardian ,South Asia Bureau

From   June 1993 - Feb 1995



Assisting the Bureau Chief of The Guardian- for the South Asia region.


Main Achievements

While doing what was required of me in the job, used the opportunity to learn from the bureau chief who had been in the BBC radio, and made a number of packages for BBC language section, which later led to my joining the BBC full time.




Job Title: Activist with Save Narmada Movement, an environmental Movement in Western region of India,

From April 1992- May 1993



Mass mobilisation, and management of information.


Main Achievements

Motivation and organisation of the marginalized farmers with minimal resources.



Job Title     Reporter for Deshbandhu newspaper in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

From   Sept 1987 - March 1992



Sub editing news


Main Achievements

Was given charge of seven of sixteen pages of the newspaper- mainly news and opinion by the end of my tenure




Significant other activities undertaken



      Working currently as South Asia Correspondent for Reporters San Frontiers, a journalistís Right Organisation headquartered in Paris.

      Recently I was successful in getting a Burmese journalist released from Indian jails by triggering off a media campaign.

      We are running an active campaign to secure better access to Indian and Pakistani journalists in respective countries but not with much success till now.


      Contributing to hindi newspapers to be in touch with local issues from States mainly in North India


      Carrying out research for independent film making projects.


      Participating actively in upcoming Community Radio movement in South Asia and use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) for poverty alleviation.


      Active member of Community Media Movement in South Asia


      Attended AIDS Conference 2000 held in Durban, South Africa in July 2000.


      selected by a German Health NGO to study their work in the field of Reproductive Health in Cambodia in 2000




Some  Features Produced



        New Farming, Old Tools : 24 mins, BBC ( A film on how new technology is not helping change traditional exploitative practices)

        India remains poor : 9 mins, BBC ( A film to coincide with Amartya Senís Nobel Prize)



 ††††† 1. David Loyn, BBC Developing World Correspondent;

2      Adrian Wells, Foreign Editor, Sky News :

3        Peter Barron, Editor,BBC Newsnight-

4†† Fred Scott ,Video producer BBC ,

††††† 5. Alan Rusbridger, Editor, The Guardian -